How Technology Is Changing Recruitment Processes In Organizations

How Technology Is Changing Recruitment Processes In Organizations

Technology has impacted all aspects of our day-to-day lives and how organizations operate. Recruitment is no exception and has enhanced the hiring process making it simple, effective, and cost-effective.

The changes due to technology have made the role of HR even more crucial. As recruitment is a two-way process, it has benefited both the recruiter and the applicant. 

To infuse technology in the existing traditional hiring methods, starting with an applicant tracking system is a good idea. It allows you to post job openings, view resumes, sort resumes as per the defined skills, and track the candidates during the process. Social media and various online recruitment platforms can be integrated with your applicant tracking system to attract and sift through the best talent. It is easier to keep up with the recruitment tasks by using mobile-friendly platforms. 

For instance, Paycom reviews on multiple platforms talk about the LMS’s ability to deliver a seamless mobile learning experience.

Let us understand how has technology impacted us and the job-seekers in the process of recruitment:

Talent Hunt Made Easier:

The traditional method of recruitment required the collection or the submission of the physical copy of the resumes. It was a tedious and error-prone method to sort the CV as per the required skill sets. Technology has made the whole process much simpler.

You can post the job-opening on multiple platforms at one go thus reaching out to a bigger pool of candidates. The number of applications received through online mediums is much higher and responses are quick. Geographical constraints can be managed easily. With the help of ATS, you can easily filter out the applications with the required skill sets and the remaining can be stored in the data bank for future references. 

Candidate Experience:

Not only do the organizations get to choose the best talent but the job-seeker also gets to choose the best organizations. It is a two-way process. In traditional hiring methodology, the candidate experience did not matter much, but today it does. Technology has made it easier for candidates to look for jobs with a personalized experience.

Increased Productivity:

With the infusion of technology in the recruitment process, you end up saving time on time-consuming tasks like sifting through the profiles for matching the skill requirements. Saving time on repetitive tasks and organizing activities will let invest your time in other productive tasks. Also, you end up getting better results in lesser time thus increasing productivity and in-turn profitability.

Not only does it save time but also ensures a lesser risk of a bad match. Technology does not understand bias, thus matching the profiles with the required skill sets is much more sorted as compared to when done manually.

Online Testing:

Going by words and experience mentioned on the resume may not get you the right fit for your organization. Also, understanding the behavioral aspects of the candidates, at times becomes difficult as it can be faked and exaggerated. Technology helps you in testing the candidates from all aspects from skill knowledge to behavioral fitment and competency levels. You can include online tests to further narrow down your selection.

Get More Strategic:

Getting strategic always helps in better quality, saving time, and cutting the cost of the complete process. Analytics derived from the online recruitment process can help you understand the areas where the focus is required more and where it is going to waste. Breaking it down further, you see which is the area your team is spending the most of their time. This will help you in improving your strategies for the future thus improving your process by saving time and cost.


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