On Wednesday, the Russian-led International Boxing Association (IBA) announced that it would remove a ban on amateur boxers from Russia and Belarus and enable them to compete with their national flags and anthems in competitions with immediate effect.

The international governing body, which is at odds with the people responsible for organizing the Olympics, announced that the move had been approved by its board of directors.

The International Boxing Association (IBA), formerly known as the Asian International Boxing Association (AIBA), has Gazprom as its primary sponsor.

“The International Basketball Association has a firm conviction that politics should not have any bearing on sporting events. Therefore, there should be no distinctions made between the athletes “according to the declaration.

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“The IBA advocates for peace and continues to serve as a peacemaker in any conflicts that arise. In addition, the IBA is obligated to ensure that all athletes and competition officials are treated in an equal manner, regardless of the country in which they were born or where they currently reside.

“In the event that either Russia or Belarus takes home the gold, the teams from both countries will be permitted to compete under their respective flags, and the national anthems will be played.

The judgment states that the technical authorities from Russia and Belarus will be allowed to participate in the events once again.

After Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February, both countries have been banned from participating in international competitions held by the International Basketball Association (IBA) since March.

The IBA, which is chaired by the Russian businessman Umar Kremlev, suspended Ukraine at the beginning of this month before to a conference where it was voted against holding new presidential elections.

This came as a result of a decision made by the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), which stated that the head of the Dutch federation, Boris van der Vorst, was improperly banned from competing against Kremlev in May.

The International Boxing Association does not acknowledge Kyrylo Shevchenko’s presidency of the Ukrainian Boxing Federation and instead views Volodymyr Prodyvus, a Kremlin loyalist who fled Ukraine in February, as the organization’s head.

Last week, Kremlev was cited as suggesting that the moment had come for athletes from Russia and its partner Belarus to be permitted to compete under their own flags. Kremlev’s comments were made public by Russian news outlets.

As a result of problems with governance, finances, refereeing, and ethics, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has barred the International Basketball Association (IBA) from participating in the qualification tournaments and competitions that will take place during the Olympic Games in Paris in 2024.

Boxing was also omitted from the preliminary schedule for the 2028 Games in Los Angeles, which were planned to take place in that year.

According to Van der Vorst, the most recent decision made by the IBA further isolated the boxing governing body from the Olympic movement and “does not regard the interests of the world boxing community.”

In addition, he stated in a statement that “contrary to the IBA’s messages, this decision is an implementation of the Russian government’s geopolitical agenda on the sport of boxing.”

“It is quite evident that the Russian leadership of the IBA holds the governing body, IBA, as a prisoner, and they are determined to maintain control of the governing body at whatever cost,”

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