After her victory over Savannah Marshall on Saturday, Claressa Shields is once again the undisputed champion of the middleweight division.

Over the course of the past ten years, Shields and Marshall have been engaged in a heated competition. At the 2012 AIBA Women’s World Boxing Championships, Shields was defeated by Marshall for the very first time in her professional career. Marshall won the bout on unanimous decision. When we return to the event now, we find that it has taken a quite different turn.

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An aggressive Claressa drove ahead and connected with several spectacular combo moves. In the closing rounds, Marshall had success with some sharp bodywork, but Shields would either counter or move out of the way of danger at the appropriate times. Following 10 rounds of back-and-forth action, the judges awarded the fight to Shields and gave him the decision victory.

In the first round, Marshall comes charging out of the corner to take the center of the ring. In the early going, there was a lot of feinting, with Marshall leading with the jab and Claressa trying to counter over it. During the middle of the round, they trade blows, and Shields spins Marshall before finishing him off with a combination. They reset, Marshall gives her another push in the back and lands a couple of jumps, but Shields spins out. However, we will return to the corner, where Marshall is having some success in forcing her there. 10-9 Shields in a vivacious round

Alycia Baumgardner defeated Mikaela Mayer through a split decision to become the undisputed junior lightweight champion during the evening’s co-main event.

Baumgardner had little interest in a rematch with Mayer despite the fact that the fight was quite competitive and instead decided to chase Choi Hyun-Mi, who was the WBA champion at the time.

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