Elijah Pierce knocked out Daron Williams in the 122-pound division fight that took place at the Hall at Live! Casino Hotel Maryland to win the WBC USNBC title.

This victory established Elijah Pierce as a contender in the 122-pound weight class.

This was the ninth consecutive show that Jeter Promotions had put on at the Live! Casino Hotel Maryland.

Elijah Pierce scored three knockdowns on Williams to end the fight in the second round. Elijah Pierce has a record of 15-2 with 12 knockouts, and Pierce will continue to make his way up the rankings in the near future. Williams of Maryland’s record currently stands at 9-2.

“Jeter Promotions is thrilled about what the future holds in store for Elijah Pierce. On the basis of his performance, we see a tremendously bright future for him, and we anticipate that at 122 pounds, he will be a force to be reckoned with. He has been competing against men who are two divisions higher than his best and who are closer to his natural weight. Tonight, we saw him fighting at 122 pounds, and you saw the results he had against a good opponent at that weight.

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Elijah Pierce has just raised the stakes for the competition in the 122-pound weight class with his victory.

In a fight at the super featherweight division, Francois Scarbono Jr. prevailed over Antonio Dunton-El through unanimous decision after four rounds of competition. Dunton-El had a perfect record coming into the fight. Scarbono was victorious in all three rounds, bringing his record to 3-0 despite the closeness of the competition. Dunton-El is 2-1-2.

In a super middleweight fight, Mansaborie Condie defeated Brandon Clark by way of a unanimous decision after four rounds of action. This victory allowed Condie to keep his perfect record intact. Conde knocked Clark out in the first round of their fight on his way to winning his sixth straight fight without suffering a defeat. Conde presently holds a perfect record of 7-0. It’s 2-4 for Clark.

In their fight for the ABF Atlantic Super Featherweight title, Jaqeeem Hutcherson and Ernest Hall fought to a majority draw after six rounds of intense action. Hutcherson won with a score of 59-55 and tied twice with 57-57. It is now 4-2-1 for Hall. Hutcherson has a record of 6-1-2.

Joseph Veazey preserved his perfect record after putting an end to Rashad Kilpatrick’s fight in the second round of their scheduled six-round welterweight bout. The fight began with Veazey throwing a punch at Kilpatrick. In the second round, Veazey put an end to things when he landed a significant amount of punches in rapid succession, which prompted the referee to stop the fight at the 46 second mark. Veazey’s record stands at 8-0, and he has knocked out five of his opponents. It is currently 5-2 in favor of Kilpatrick.

“Veazey is a fantastic fighter, and he possesses a number of intangible qualities that give him the potential to become famous. I am excited to follow Joey’s development as a genuine talent and look forward to seeing his continued success.”

During the super middleweight battle between Derrick Vann and A.J. Williams, Derrick Vann emerged victorious via a six-round split decision. According to the scores of 58-56, Vann was awarded two cards. Williams emerged victorious with a score of 59 to 55, so claiming a card. Vann’s record now stands at 3-6. Williams now holds a 6-2 record.

In a fight for the ABF USA Super Bantamweight title, Brandon Chambers overcame Vit Y through majority decision after six rounds of competition to keep his perfect record intact. Chambers currently has a perfect record of 9-0-0 after receiving scores of 59-55 twice and 57-57 in his three victories. Y is 7-2-1.

During a welterweight fight, Stacy Selby defeated Maurice Anthony by way of a majority decision after four rounds. This victory allowed Selby to keep his perfect record intact. During the first round of the fight, Anthony landed a punch that brought Selby’s knee all the way down to the canvas. That was the high point of the battle for Anthony, as Selby went on to win the rest of the fight and take both score cards with a score of 38-37 and 39-37 respectively. The score for Selby is now undefeated at 4-0. It’s 3-5 for Anthony.

Jeffrey Yu won their featherweight fight by knocking out Mateo Diaz in the second round. Both fighters were making their professional debuts. Yu’s timing of the pause was 2 minutes and 22 seconds.

In a bout contested at the super lightweight division, Ahmad Muhammad Jones defeated Kani Burnside via unanimous decision after four rounds of competition. This victory allowed Jones to keep his perfect record intact. Jones is now undefeated with a record of 3-0 after posting scores of 40-36 and 39-37 twice. Burnside is 1-1.

During their super bantamweight bout, Dwayne Holmes defeated Rensley Washington III through majority decision after four rounds of competition. All three judges gave Holmes a score of 40-36, improving his record to 3-0. The score for Washington is 1-2.

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