During the course of the past half-month Padraig McCrory has Leo Bunn, the opponent he will face on Saturday night in Frankfurt for the IBO light-heavyweight title (the bout will be broadcast live on TG4), burned into his memory.

McCrory has been concentrating all of his efforts on Bunn. He is familiar with his preferred fighting style and the challenges he faces, he is aware of his movements, how he fires his weapon, and the characteristics of his engine…

He is aware that Bunn, on home soil, will be a difficult guy to break down, and he is also aware that there will be occasions on Saturday night when the gameplan he has worked out with his trainer Dee Walsh will go out the window, and he will have to battle hard under pressure.

Pody McCrory is fully aware of his capabilities, and he is confident that he will bring the championship belt back to his hometown.

McCrory claims that he has “plenty of various views” of how this bout will play out.

“I’ve got dreams of knocking Bunn out very early, and I’ve had thoughts of being in a dark spot in the ring,” he said. “I’ve had visions of knocking out Bunn very early.” I’ve always had what I refer to as “a dog” in me, which is the ability to fight, but I also have to be wise about it because 12 rounds is a long time to spend in the ring.

“There will be times when I need to bite down and fight hard, but I’ve sparred well, I’ve put in a tremendous camp, and I think I’m ready for it,” the fighter said. “There will be occasions when I need to fight hard.” I am confident that if I am able to perform to the levels that I have been putting in at the gym, that I will be able to come back as the champion.

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McCrory is moving up from super-middleweight, and Bunn has an impressive record of 18-0 with nine knockout victories. Bunn is a very solid fighter. The German is a resolute battering ram that establishes his footing and then lets his hands go. Although he might not have the smoothest moves, he is a very aggressive player who will want to seize the lead on Saturday night.

The ability to move quickly and deftly will be essential for McCrory. Even though Bunn is tough, he is still a target, and ‘The Hammer’ has the ability to inflict damage on him whenever the opportunity presents itself, which it most certainly will. However, Bunn may have to weather an early storm in order to demonstrate the value of his skills.

McCrory described him as having “that usual German style.”

He is a product of the same gym as Arthur Abraham, and their fighting styles are quite comparable. He will have the advantage in terms of physical size, but I am taller than him and I believe I will be able to punch him better. He is not the largest light-heavyweight, but his strength makes up for it.

We’ve been working on a couple various strategies, and one of them involves boxing on the backfoot and allowing him to walk on to punches. I believe there will be several different circumstances throughout the course of the battle where either he or I am on the offensive, so we have prepared for everything.

“He’s a tough child, and there’s no sign of him ever being harmed or in difficulty, so I can’t be depending on my power,” she said. “But ideally, we’ve come up with strategies for every eventuality that’s going to happen.”

McCrory will have 15 fights under his belt when he competes on Saturday night. With each fight, he has gained more self-assurance and starting to believe that he will have possibilities to fight for world titles in the future. After defeating his previous four opponents, he claims that his confidence is “over the roof” at this point.

When he got a call about the chance, he remarked, “When I got the call about this opportunity, I wasn’t surprised, I wasn’t shocked, and it wasn’t anything I didn’t expect.”

“This is most certainly a battle that I can triumph in.”

The opportunity to challenge for the championship was made available to McCrory as a direct result of his performance against Marco Antonio Periban. McCrory defeated Periban in a very spectacular fashion at the SSE Arena in August, despite the fact that Periban had previously competed against elite competition. He completely outclassed the veteran Mexican and knocked him out in the fifth round to successfully defend his WBC silver super-middleweight belt.

According to McCrory, “Periban has boxed at a significantly higher level than Bunn.”

“He had many more victories than Bunn, but I was able to cope with him really easily.” He showed there and made an effort, but I did not give him the opportunity to participate in the fight. After that battle, people started talking about me, and six weeks ago I had the choice of fighting for an EU title or an IBO title. If you had told me that four years ago, I definitely would have responded, “There’s no possibility!”

“However, I’ve put in the hard yards and I’ve worked my way up the ladder, and now I’m on the cusp of winning a major trophy,” she said.

“I think that everything that has happened, from the possibilities that were lost to the injuries that have been sustained, has occurred for a purpose. My gut tells me that this is exactly where I’m supposed to be right now, and while I’m excited to seize this chance, I don’t consider this to be the final destination.

I can see myself progressing further and getting into greater conflicts in the future. Although this is not my ultimate objective, I am quite excited to take part in such a significant event on such a prominent stage.

Kurt Walker, a super-featherweight from Lisburn, will fight Yin Caicedo, a fighter from Columbia, on the undercard of the McCrory vs. Bunn fight on Saturday night (6-4-3). Walker is currently 3-0 in his professional career and is making steady development under the guidance of an experienced coach in Adam Booth.

Kieran Molloy, who hails from Galway, is also scheduled to compete and will face the Georgian journeyman Sandro Jajanidze (10-26-2). On December 10, at the SSE Arena in Belfast, both fighters are slated to participate in the undercard of the fight between Michael Conlan and Karim Guerfi.

CAOMHIN Agyarko asserts that he possesses the “underdog attitude” necessary to prevail in what appears to be a fight of crossroads on October 29 at Wembley Arena versus Peter Dobson, an undefeated boxer from New York.

Agyarko (12-0) defends his WBA International light-middleweight belt against Dobson (16-0). With 29 rounds under his belt in his last three outings, Belfast’s “Black Thunder” thinks he is ready for his newest move up in class.

“My last four battles have been step-ups,” he explains. “My last fight was against a world champion.”

I’m not getting matched up against easy competition because they’ve had records of 14-0, 19-1, 28-4, and now 16-0. But these are the battles I believe I need to win in order to go to the next level. Peter Dobson is going to come and win, which will completely throw off the apple cart.

It’s a fight that’s a toss-up either way, because whomever wins this one will move up the ladder. He has a greater amount of experience, and he is ranked higher than I am. I don’t like to think of myself as the underdog, but for the sake of this battle, I’ll approach it with that mindset because you really need it. This is one of those battles that is difficult to predict based on the information available, but I believe that I am the superior fighter, and I will demonstrate that on the night.”

Ten fights into his professional career, the former Holy Trinity standout and Ireland international Agyarko made the decision to move down in weight class from middleweight to super-welterweight, going from 160 pounds to 154 pounds. He reports that the adjustment has been helpful for him.

When I asked him about it, he remarked, “Making weight is never simple when you are huge for the weight.”

“However, the more I do it, the more accustomed to it I will become. I’m sure I’ll outgrow it as I become older and more mature, but for the time being I’m doing just well.

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