The International Boxing Association (IBA) has initiated the bidding process for the World Boxing Tour (WBT) events that will take place in 2023 and 2024. During that time frame, there are going to be six significant WBT tournaments, all of which are going to award points toward Olympic qualification.

It is anticipated that the competitions will take place on a variety of continents, so ensuring that participants will have an equal opportunity to compete in boxing at the Olympic Games in Paris in 2024.

Umar Kremelev, the President of the International Boxing Association (IBA), made the following statement: “For a number of years, the IBA has organized the World Boxing Championships for men, women, and youngsters.”

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The purpose of establishing the World Boxing Tour was to broaden the chances we provide for boxers from all over the world to compete in international events that feature the sport’s most accomplished competitors. We are thrilled to be partnering with National Federations to provide the World Boxing Tour and to assist in making the aspirations of boxers all across the world a reality.

IBA National Federations have been given access to a hosting outline, which includes information on WBT requirements, financial expectations, governance models, and other topics, as well as a discussion of the many advantages associated with hosting.

This would enable potential hosts to be more actively engaged in the bid process from an early stage and to have a better understanding of the WBT events as a platform that creates shared value by promoting exchanges between athletes, spectators, media, and organizers.

“When establishing the World Boxing Tour, we had to consider not just the needs of the IBA or the boxers, but also the benefits for the hosts,” noted IBA Secretary General Istvan Kovacs.

Our concept provides hosts with the opportunity to anticipate a transparent bidding process, supported event delivery, a partnership approach to rights and obligations, reasonable expectations, and significant measures aimed at sustainability and legacy.

All of the National Federations received the newly planned hosting standards as well as the draft of the competitions calendar, all of which have been reviewed, revised, and approved by the IBA Athletes’ Committee and the IBA Competitions Committee.

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