Jazza Dickens, the newly crowned IBO world featherweight champion, has delivered a stinging rebuke to Leigh Wood, warning him that he is “conning the public.” Jazza Dickens is the new champion.

After 12 grueling rounds, Dickens prevailed over Lerato Dlamini of South Africa to win the vacant IBO strap that was contested at Probellum Liverpool II on Saturday night.

Now, the well-known fighter from Liverpool, who is 31 years old, is looking to unify his IBO title with Wood’s WBA regular belt in a massive all-British battle for the world title.

Dickens, who has defeated Wood both as an amateur and as a professional, is skeptical that the Nottingham man has the mental fortitude to agree to a third battle between the pair. Despite this, Dickens has pushed his opponent to “put up or shut up” because the Nottingham man has not fought since March. Dickens has won both of their previous encounters.

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Dickens provided the following information to Probellum.com: “Three months ago, I went back to Ireland to start training for Leigh Wood, but we didn’t hear back, and I discovered out through social media that he was fighting someone else,” Dickens said.

He doesn’t want to get into a fight with me! I am aware that he does not wish to fight me, and I was also aware that he did not wish to battle me in 2020, but he was required to do so due to the fact that it was a tournament. In terms of my mindset, I was aware that I had him back then, and I am aware that I still have him now.

“He’s supposedly taking these big fights, but he’s not, he’s conning the public, he’s saying that he’s going to fight Lara, and then pulling out; he’s saying that he is going to fight Santa Cruz, and then pulling out.” “He’s supposedly taking these big fights, but he’s not; he’s conning the public; he’s saying that he’s going to fight Santa Cruz,

“Speak up or remain silent. Stop telling people that you are doing this and that when you are not actually doing any of those things. Give him the credit he deserves for winning the world championship. That night, he did extremely well, so I was proud of him, but he’s making a fool of himself right now. If he wants to come here, to Liverpool, and try to blag it, he won’t be able to get away with it.”

On an emotional night, in front of his home fans, Dickens got the better of the dangerous Dlamini, and won via unanimous decision with the ringside judges. Prior to this fight, Dickens had attempted to win a world title twice previously but had been unsuccessful both times.

As soon as the IBO belt had been fastened around his waist, Jazza immediately turned his attention to Wood.

He stated, “We have a history, we’ve battled twice before, and that seems to be the fight that makes the most common sense to make.”

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