The International Boxing Association (AIBA) has pushed back the date of the Women’s World Boxing Championships from December to March, citing the ongoing coronavirus outbreak and the restrictions that have been put in place as a direct result of the outbreak.

In a statement that confirmed the postponement, AIBA made the allegation that “the input received is that too many National Federations are facing challenging situations and constraints within their nations.” [Citation needed]

Because of the unanimous vote of the AIBA Board of Directors, the Turkish National Federation has made the decision to move the Women’s World Championships to March of 2022.

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Between the 6th through the 19th of December, Istanbul was supposed to host the event.

When AIBA President Umar Kremlev traveled to Istanbul at the beginning of the previous month, he made it official that the Turkish city would be hosting the World Championships.

However, Kremlev stated one week ago that a postponement would be possible, and he pledged that conversation with national federations will take place before any final decision was made.

A setback will be dealt to women’s boxers as a result of the postponement of the event, as they have not been able to compete at a World Championships since October 2019, when Ulan-Ude, in Russia, played host to the competition. The postponement of the tournament will take place in a different location.

Despite the fact that the International Olympic Committee Boxing Task Force oversaw the boxing tournament at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, several boxers will have competed there despite the fact that the AIBA’s Olympic recognition is now on hold.

At this year’s Olympics, there will be competition in fewer weight divisions.

On November 6th, the AIBA Men’s World Boxing Championships came to a close in the city of Belgrade, which is the capital of Serbia.

AIBA President Kremlev recognized that some teams will be unhappy because they have already begun preparations for the event. “We are aware that certain teams have already started preparations for this event,” Kremlev said.

“However, the safety and wellness of our participants, officials, and other stakeholders is paramount, and as a result, we cannot take the risk to proceed with the event.”

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